Research project Processing food losses via the social economy


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Nathalie Bernaert

Nathalie Bernaert

Plant based products and residual flow expert


Main research question

In Flanders, large amounts of food loss occur among farmers and other entrepreneurs. The volumes are often too small and spread out to operate profitably. On the other hand, the niche companies in Flanders have many options (both technical and in terms of personnel) to convert these food losses into longer shelf-life food products.

Research approach

Within the ZERO WASTE ATELIER project, a circular and social hub will be set up to make better use of food losses that arise among farmers and processors. The processing of these food losses will be done with the technology available at the many niche companies in Flanders. The ultimate goal of the hub is to achieve an efficient matchmaking between the supply of food loss and the processing of food loss.


This project is a partnership with ILVO, ATW Cools, Herwin, Atelier m and Compaan, and is funded by ESF within the call entitled 'circulair werkt'. A subsidy of EUR 11,922.16 was awarded for this project.