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Co-creation opportunities in pig production

AnalysesDetailsContactperssonZootechnical trials in pigsFeed and digestibility trials in piglets, meat pigs, sows and boarsSam Millet (animal husbandry), Annelies Van Nuffel (NEW CONTACT Agricultural Engineering)Behavior and animal welfareVeehouderij: gedrag en welzijn van de voornaamste landbouwhuisdieren (rund, varken, kip, konijn).Agrotechniek: (

Research projects

Reduction of Campylobacter in broiler flocks: identification of risk factors, evaluation of increased biosecurity measures and the protective effect of the microbiota of Campylobacter free flocks

Isolated campylobacters are characterized to identify contamination routes and sources on Flemish broiler farms, including mixed farms (where also cows or pigs are raised). This should lead to an (enhanced) biosecurity protocol that reduces the risk of Campylobacter introduction on broiler farms.

Research projects

Heat plan for Flemish pig farming

Centrale onderzoeksvraag/doelThe increasing maximum temperatures and the increasing number of days with elevated temperatures in Belgium can lead to heat stress in several animal species but pigs are particularly sensitive to this. In recent years, pig farmers have experienced much greater production losses and mortality on their farms.


Pigs2win is een rekenmodel dat u toelaat om het bruto saldo en onderliggende kengetallen van gesloten varkensbedrijven te analyseren. Voorwaarde is dat de bedrijven geen biggen aankopen. Het rekenmodel kan in de eerste plaats door adviseurs, maar eveneens door individuele varkenshouders en andere belanghebbenden, worden gebruikt.


Vrijloopkraamstallen zonder kooien PigSAFE In het Verenigd Koninkrijk is het PigSAFE hok ontwikkeld.


Read more >>> Low-cost system for monitoring the barn climate and the behaviour of pigs The ventilation level of pig barns is dependent on the air quality of the barn, the emission level and the welfare of the animals.

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