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News | 05/10/2020

ChickenStress European Training Network (ETN)

ChickenStress European Training Network (ETN)

The ChickenStress European Training Network (ETN) is a group of projects that will assist egg producers to attain the highest possible welfare for chickens.

Research projects

Nutriënt Management and Nutriënt Recovery Thematic Network

Main research questionNUTRIMAN is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus Thematic network compiling knowledge of “ready-for-practice” recovered bio-based fertiliser product applications, practices and technologies, connecting applied science and industrial practice, for the interest and benefit of agricultural practitioners.

Nutriënt Management and Nutriënt Recovery Thematic Network

Research projects

Climate actions with economic potential on farm

In addition to individual support, the farmer is guided in a group in learning networks. There he/she gets in touch with experts and fellow farmers who have experience with a particular measure, and tips and tricks and practical feasibility are discussed.Annually, the company is scanned and progress is quantified.

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The Plant Sciences Unit works in close interaction with partner-researchers in Belgium and abroad and with an extensive network of companies and (agricultural) organizations. In many cases, the research is carried out in consultation and at the request of the policy.


Profitable production systems and value creation

Action labs, participative research, learning research networks, agricultural economic business analysis, and more: ILVO develops methods and trajectories that guide agriculture, fisheries and food businesses onto other tracks.

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