Research project RAMBO

In progress RAMBO

General introduction

The RAMBO project - reduction of ammonia through source-oriented and supporting solutions - looks for innovative measures and techniques that enable pig and poultry farmers to significantly reduce their ammonia emissions and can also be applied on existing barns.

There are currently techniques to reduce emissions, but many of these techniques are not applicable in existing pig barns that are not yet low in ammonia emissions. There is also a need for innovative reduction measures and techniques in poultry farming.

Research approach

At test and demo locations, including the ILVO Pig Campus and the Experimental Poultry Centre in Geel, measurements and evaluations will be carried out to estimate the impact of measures on ammonia emissions, animal performance, welfare and health, which provides input for a supported package of measures to achieve ammonia reductions in stables.

In addition, tools are offered so that livestock farmers can make conscious choices for their specific situation. The acquired knowledge is widely distributed by engaging the sector through workshops, demonstrations, co-creation, webinars, study trips and workshops, open house days and by providing individual advice to livestock farmers.


Ammonia emissions related to livestock farming make up a significant share of nitrogen emissions. In the coming years, pig and poultry farmers will be imposed very strict emission standards regarding the ammonia emissions from their barns. This poses a major challenge to livestock farming. The RAMBO project will use an integrated approach to support poultry and pig farmers in their effort to comply with ammonia emission standards.


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