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News | 18/01/2021

Field beans in dairy cattle farming: toasting (for) success?

Field beans are an interesting alternative for imported soy in dairy production, but only if the beans are first heated. Those are the results from the ILVO-study within the EKOPTI project. Heating is required for good digestion and also helps in storage.

Research projects

Towards a sustainable and profitable soybean cultivation in Flanders

Main research questionIs it possible to introduce soybean production in Flanders in an economical and sustainable way? Flanders is highly dependent from import of soy from Latin America. This import is rising not only social and ecological questions, but the economic impact for the Flemish farmers is high due to volatile and high prices.

Research projects

Main research questionThe aim of this Grand Challenge project is to engage at least 1000 citizens and their gardens to help acquire native rhizobia from Flemish soils that are able to efficiently nodulate soybean. We wish to find local soilborne bacteria and funghi that are able to form nodules on soybean plants.

Research projects

Legumes: indispensable element in agro-ecological crop systems for food production

A rotation of exclusively arable crops for human nutrition in strip cropping forms the innovative core idea of this project.Research approachThe crops we focus on are three dry-harvested legumes: field pea, field bean and red kidney bean, complemented by three cereal crops: baking wheat, durum wheat and malting barley.

Research projects

Setting up a local, sustainable soybean value chain.

In LoCoSoy, we aim to set up a partnership for an appropriate and low-processing technique for organic soybeans at the SME scale. The goal is to develop a mutually fair and transparent business model to enable a local, integral and long-lasting value chain for organic soy in Flanders.

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