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Drought tolerant crops

ILVO studies the cultivation possibilities and the potential for Flanders of drought-resistant crops like quinoa, chickpea, and sorghum..

Research projects

Chickpea: Protein grown in Flanders

Framing introductionChickpea is a crop that is currently not yet established in Flanders. With Kik-Love we want to highlight the cultivation of chickp...

Research projects

Building a local chickpea processing chain

The focus of KIKET is to investigate the willingness of the actors before and after the farm. Is there a willingness to switch to Flemish chickpea?

News | 13/01/2022

ILVO starts breeding CHICKPEA

Why chickpea? Because people are interested in it, and because ILVO favors technical feasibility.The demand for vegetable protein sources is on the ri...


Protein diversification

... soy from overseas. However, local production of legumes, such as soybean, chickpea, dry pea and bean can offer interesting opportunities for Flemi...

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