In the media Administrator general of ILVO on protein transition in the Flemish Parliament

Joris Relaes in Flemish Parliament

Joris Relaes gave an update on ILVO research on protein transition and alternatives to animal proteins on Feb. 21, 2024. This continues at a hearing in the Flemish Parliament, Agriculture Committee.

From soil to plate: this is the scope of the broad ILVO research on protein transition.

ILVO is breeding crops such as soy, chickpea and quinoa so that we can grow them profitably in Flanders in the future.

  • ILVO examines processing and chain formation of these new protein crops
  • ILVO helps companies develop and market new plant-based food products
  • ILVO examines opportunities to incorporate local protein crops into animal feeds
  • ILVO explores the potential of microbially produced proteins for both human food and animal feeds

You can find more information in Joris Relaes' presentation (in Dutch) to the Flemish parliament..

For ILVO research on alternative protein sources, see Protein diversification - ILVO Vlaanderen

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