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Quinoa is a protein-rich pseudo-grain that originates from South America and is becoming very popular in Flanders. ILVO and its partners from the Flemish quinoa platform are investigating whether (and how) quinoa could become a new crop in Flanders.

Quinoa cultivation in Flanders Quinoa is a protein-rich pseudo-grain that originates from South America. Most of the quinoa on the shelves today is still imported from South America, with Peru and Bolivia leading the way. But growers as well as (food) processors and retailers are asking to investigate the crop’s potential for Flanders.


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Research projects

Saline AgricuLture for ADaptation

Second, we conduct production pilots and experiments to examine prospects for horizontal upscaling production from farm to regional scale for four different crops under saline conditions: New Zealand spinach, potatoes, quinoa and tomatoes (WP2).

Research projects

Development of novel technological approaches for a low-cost and reliable characterization of CROP Yield QUALity Traits of target crops grown under Changing Environmental Conditions

project will enable the development of models based on data coming from high throughput phenotyping tools and laboratory analyses aiming to predict crop yield and quality traits.Research approachIn this project we will use (close) remote sensing techniques for crop monitoring and high throughput phenotyping under field conditions for wheat, soybean, quinoa


Drought tolerant crops

Examples are quinoa, chickpea, and sorghum. Furthermore, some species are already known in the Flemish agricultural context, but that are still underutilized or may gain in importance if we are more likely to suffer from drought during the growing season. Examples are tall fescue and alfalfa. Also read the dossier on Water in agriculture.

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