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Horticulturists and ornamental growers will find an answer to the question “what can ILVO do for me?” here. You’ll get a brief overview of relevant expertise, analyses, infrastructure, and the professional approach that characterizes ILVO. You can contact the Plant and Soil Living Lab for specific services and questions regarding collaboration.

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ENERGLIK technical working group on screens

Past WUR - Droevendaalsesteeg 3a, gebouw 100 (Lumen), Wageningen
screens in greenhouse horticulture

For the Interreg project ENERGLIK we organize on 25/04/2023 a first technical working group on screens in greenhouse horticulture. The goal...

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Webinar 'Sustainable farming for peatlands'

Past Online
Business models of paludiculture

Innovative Business Models of Paludiculture "Sustainable farming for peatlands" is a European conference organised by the Interreg NWE Carbo...