Contact day Webinar 'Sustainable farming for peatlands'

Business models of paludiculture

Innovative Business Models of Paludiculture "Sustainable farming for peatlands" is a European conference organised by the Interreg NWE Carbon Connects project. Carbon Connects aims to reduce the high carbon footprint of peatland soils in Northwest Europe by introducing new bio-based business models developed for sustainable land management practices. Peatland restoration is an important component of the world’s journey to net-zero carbon emissions. When healthy, peatlands are incredible carbon stores and potential carbon sinks – yet, if allowed to degrade, they threaten biodiversity, release pollutants into the environment and thwart climate change mitigation and adaptation goals everywhere.


Innovative bio-based business of models of paludiculture
Harry MACH, Broads Authority (UK)

The Carbon-toolbox
Julius MEYER
, University of Marbourg (GE)

Paludiculture in a climate robust landscape
Gert-Jan van DUINEN
, Waterboard AA & Maas / Radboud Univeristy / Stichting Bargerveen (NL)

Cattail and reed farming
Aldert van WEEREN, Wetland products (NL)

Farmer to Farmer session on cattail 🎥

Farm composting using reed and other biomass from rewetted land
Maarten De BOEVER

Using sphagnum in UK upland peatland restoration
, North Pennines AONB Partnership (UK)

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