Event Green carbon webinar 2024

Green carbon webinar

Microbial Activation of Biochars: A Space Odyssey?

The high biological, chemical and physical stability and the limited risk of interaction with other materials make biochar a potentially interesting material for peat replacement and increasing the sustainability of growing media, and for circular use of horticultural substrates. However, the high pH is one of the bottlenecks for mixing biochar in high percentages into these substrates.

Through microbial activation and acidification, we have succeeded in making biochars more suitable for use in horticultural substrates in the FWO project BASTA and the EU Horizon2020 project EJP Soil BioCASH, with the possibility of growing plants on 100% biochar.

Join the free webinar on May 23 at 4:00 PM CEST:
Sulfur-enhanced microbial activation of biochar for circular horticulture - Bart Vandecasteele (ILVO)

(Green Carbon Webinar Series)

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  • 16:00 — 17:30