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Ecosystem-oriented marine modeling and management

Marine ecosystems consist of ecosystem components (fish, benthos, mammals) that interact in a complex and dynamic way. Models of marine ecosystems are analytic reflections of these ecosystem interacti...


Coastal protection

...ioneering conditions from which natural reefs could develop. These reefs then form the basis for an ecosystem-based coastal protection. Specifically, three bio-builders were engaged: Marine pla...


Precision fishing

ILVO manages and links data in the context of fish stock estimates, management strategies and an ecosystem approach.


Aquaculture at sea

...ioneering conditions from which natural reefs could develop. These reefs then form the basis for an ecosystem-based coastal protection.Specifically, three bio-builders were engaged:...



...on the plot. In turn, these fringe benefits can increase crop yield.Food forests are human-designed ecosystems based on the example of a natural forest with a wide variety of (usually perennial) pl...


Systems thinking

...distinguish subsystems that are related to each other within large systems. Nature, a society, an ecosystem, the human body, a business or organization, and a family can all be viewed as a system. ...


Water in agriculture attention to the impact of measures on the entire agri-ecosystem. ILVO does not want to create a new problem by solving another problem. This is only possible if we use a systemic perspective a...



...eficial biological synergies and interactions between components of an agricultural ecosystem. In practice, this means a continuous search for the best combinations of techniques and strategies.


Biodiversity in and on the sea floor

Ecosystem functioning

...f the various benthic communities in the Belgian part of the North Sea. Monitoring of the benthic ecosystem to track the ecological status There is an enormous amount of activity in the Bel...


Soil health

... Healthy soils not only lead to healthy and productive crops, they also provide numerous additional ecosystem services such as climate regulation, richer below- and above-ground biodiversity, bette...


Ruimte op zee

... a few. Marine spatial planners try to coordinate these activities, taking into account the natural ecosystem.

Linked Research projects: Genetic tool for Ecosystem health Assessment in the North Sea region

Research projects

Grassland use in a changing climate

...ject will lead to more stable and eco-efficient grassland production with a broadening of grassland ecosystem services (C-storage and water storage capacity).FinancingVLAIO

Research projects

Connecting Humans in the Agrifood INdustry

... working guidance process and to bring people together, digitally and socially, in the data sharing ecosystem within the agri-food industry. The guidance program was developed and tested in close c...

Research projects


... conventional production, representing innovative foods for Flanders in combination with many other ecosystem services (experience, biodiversity, carbon storage, water retention, cooling ...).

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