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Soil: carbon sequestration

Besides the ocean, soils are the largest carbon storehouse. With proper management, agricultural soils can even store significantly more carbon than t...

Stimulating carbon sequestration



...s provide a lot of services to society such as: Increased biodiversityMore carbon storage in the soilMitigating the effects of climate changeAir pu...



... they can be plowed under, where they also have a beneficial effect on the carbon content of the soil. Nitrous oxide The Global Warming Poten...


Food: Food safety

...g residues, allergens, antinutritional factors, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), metals, micro/nanoplastics, ...Chemical molecu...


Alternatives to castration of piglets

...s are also the best choice, as their nitrogen and phosphorus emissions and carbon footprint are lower than those of barrows. Moreover, it is no lon...

Research projects

Carbon Connects

Main research questionPeat soils contain large carbon stocks. Drainage of soils for agricultural use causes large CO2-emissions. The conservation of c...

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