Study day Symposium on Marine Carbon Sequestration

During the morning session, both national and international speakers will present topics, including: negative emission technologies for ocean-based climate mitigation; open ocean biological carbon pumps; restoration and conservation of natural ecosystems; marine bioenergy with carbon capture and storage; and marine geoengineering. In the afternoon, presentations will be related to the policy context, industry opportunities, and a roadmap for marine carbon sequestration research and applications. This will be followed by a panel discussion during which participants will contribute to a strategic vision document. The document will include a summary of the potential of negative emission technologies to set the scene for future actions in support of adopting ocean-inclusive mitigation and adaptation strategies in Belgium and beyond.


9:15 Welcome. Ann Vanreusel, Director EMBRC-BE

9:30 Opening keynote

  • Ocean-based climate action with a focus on negative emissions measures. Jean-Pierre Gattuso, CNRS Sorbonne University and Iddri

10:15 Open ocean carbon: natural processes

  • The open ocean biological carbon pump. Griet Neukermans, Ghent University

10:30 Break

11:00 Open ocean carbon: marine geoengineering

  • Ocean fertilisation. Christine Klaas, Alfred Wegener Institut
  • Ocean alkalinisation. Filip Meysman, Antwerp University

11:30 Marine bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

  • Seaweed cultivation. Olivier De Clerck, Ghent University
  • Shellfish aquaculture. Edwin Foekema, Wageningen University & Research

12:00 Restoration and conservation of natural ecosystems

  • Restoring and increasing coastal vegetation. Patrick Meire, Antwerp University
  • Conserving seabed carbon sequestration. Ulrike Braeckman, Ghent University
  • Demersal fisheries and seabed carbon sequestration. Hans Polet, Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

12:40 Lunch

13:50 Welcome afternoon session. Zakia Khattabi, Minister of Climate & Vincent Van Quickenborne, Minister of North Sea

14:00 The policy of ocean-based climate mitigation. Steven Dauwe, Flanders Marine Institute

14:10 The businesscase of marine carbon capture and the effects of the measurement method (on the businesscase). Stephan Bostoen, Pebblewave

14:30 Assessing the potential for ocean-based climate action by Belgian parties. Panel discussion, Moderators: Greet Riebbels & Kelle Moreau

15:15 Break

15:45 Challenges for marine carbon sequestration and applications. Jack Middelburg, Utrecht University and ICES working group on ocean negative carbon emissions

16:00 Closing