Research project Levers and bottlenecks for growing, processing and consuming pulses (legumes) in Flanders

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Main research question

With this project, we want to bring more pulses (legumes) onto our Flemish fields and onto our plates. In addition we aim to contribute to the transition to healthy, sustainable and affordable protein sources in our diets. Moreover, recent news on the skyrocketing food prices and the importance of local production have reaffirmed the relevancy and urgency of this project. ILVO and the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living vzw have joined forces to make this project come to life.

Research approach

We will look into what consumers think about whether or not to include pulses in their diet. We will try to find possible explanations for their behavior by using a consumer survey in community kitchens of nurseries, schools and companies. We will also investigate what the affordances and constraints are of producing, processing and marketing legumes in Flanders by interviewing Flemish growers, processors and caterers.


We will use the results of the surveys to improve and expand the legumes campaign of Healthy Living. Hopefully, this results in an increase of the consumption of legumes. Pulses are healthy sources of vegetable protein and have a very low environmental impact. That's why it is important to eat 'more' of them. In addition, pulses are an excellent alternative to meat. We also want to strengthen the connections between local legume growers and processors on the one hand and consumers on the other hand by ‘putting a face to the names’ of their companies.


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