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Living Lab Agrifood Technology is an initiative spearheaded by ILVO or the Flemish Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Weworkin close cooperation with a vast network of stakeholders.


Co-creatie Het Chickenstress European Training Network (ETN) wil voor en met de eierproducenten de best mogelijke dierenwelzijnsstandaarden uitwerken. Experten in neurologie, fysiologie en ethologie gaan samen aan het werk met 4 grote spelers uit de pluimvee-industrie waaronder Hendrix-Genetics en Vencomatic.

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This study is part of the Smart Agri Hubs project which is a European project that wants to stimulate digital innovation in the European agrifood sector. Goal As we all know, reducing the use of plant protection products for weed and disease control in arable farming and horticulture is important on economical, ecological and social levels.

News | 01/05/2020

Plant attacker for May: TBRFV

New plant viruses appear regularly and some of them pose a serious threat to the agriculture and horticulture sector.

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