Research project ERA-Net Cofund on INtesTInal MICrobiomics, diet and health, implementing JPI HDHL objectives

In progress HDHL-INTIMIC
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General introduction

This ERA-Net Cofund HDHL-INTIMIC is being implemented as a new joint action within the framework of the European Joint Programming Initiative "Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life" (JPI HDHL). The focus is on the relationship between food and health. Here it is more specifically about the development of new strategies and health-promoting food products to prevent chronic intestinal flora-related diseases. We therefore focus on gut microbiome (intestinal microbiomics). The ultimate goal of this European research network is to pursue a healthy intestinal flora for everyone.

Research approach

Fourteen international partners from nine member states streamline knowledge and fund international research related to nutrients (diets) that can influence the intestinal flora, thereby impacting human health. In addition to the funding of the participating partners of the various member states, the EC provides for co-financing of 30% in the cofunded call. The role of ILVO is, among others, to clearly communicate the background information and the results of the research projects to the stakeholders.


This international research network contributes to a coordinated research program on the relationship between diet and intestinal microbiome (gut flora). In the course of 2017, the cofunded call was launched, the first call for research projects. We expect these projects to increase the basic knowledge about the gut microbiome and its relationship with health, and also to raise awareness about the impact of food components and strategies for preventive and therapeutic applications. In addition to the research call (s), a knowledge platform "Intestinal Microbiomics" is planned, which is accessible to researchers from different disciplines as well as stakeholders. The platform undoubtedly contributes to better cooperation, knowledge exchange and the use of standardized methods.


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