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Methane emissions in livestock farming (enteric emissions)

Fortunately, not all of the volatile fatty acids formed during carbohydrate digestion ultimately produce methane. The formation of the fatty acids acetic acid and butyric acid produces H2, while the formation of the fatty acid propionic acid actually absorbs H2.


Poultry and rabbit farming

Specialized research infrastructure Several houses for broiler chicks, with enough room for a total of 7,200 broiler chicks.Laying hen house with room for approximately 1,100 layers (in enriched cages).A broiler house that can be adapted to house 720 turkeys.2 mobile chicken houses large enough for 220 (organic) layers or (organic) broilers.120 units for digestion


Feed Production

guarantee Scientifically-based solutionsIndividual and/or co-creative guidance for innovation trajectoriesConfidential treatment of your questionClear and easy-to-interpret results that are applicable to day-to-day operationsTechnological support for various farm processesSpecialized research infrastructure Experimental animal housing for in vivo digestion

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