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Coastal protection

...on must ensure adequate defenses against the sea while taking into account climate change and rising sea levels. To this end, there are two types o...



...oy. Deforestation causes a loss of biodiversity, erosion problems, climate change, and also social problems for the population, leading to increasi...



...eased biodiversityMore carbon storage in the soilMitigating the effects of climate changeAir purificationLandscape and recreational valueWe know fr...



...t and salinization, and is therefore resistant to the effects of climate change. Lastly, quinoa fits into a wider cultivation rotation because the ...


Systems thinking

Our food system is facing challenges such as climate change, globalization, and market crises. The problem itself, the possible solutions, and the tra...


Water in agriculture

...e the case in the future, where we can expect more weather extremes due to climate change and, therefore, also more dry periods or heavy showers wi...


Drought tolerant crops

Climate change means that we are increasingly faced with drought during the growing season, including in Flanders. This requires a systematic approach...


Soil health

...rsity and its associated functions Soils and climate Soils can help combat climate change by capturing CO2 (via crops) from the air and storing it ...

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