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Main research question

In the research project ‘Accurate selection” (De Juiste Sortering in Dutch), machine builder de Boer RVS, ILVO and skipper Jan-Jurie van Eekelen of the shrimp trawler WR 9 are working together in a study on an innovative way of on-board catch processing for the brown shrimp fishery in the North Sea.

In this processing line, a detection bar sorts catch into a marketable shrimp fraction, a discard shrimp fraction and other bycatch, based on camera images and automatic image recognition. Shrimp smaller than 6.8 mm carapace width and bycatch are returned to the sea immediately after sorting. Marketable shrimps are further split into three market classes that are stored separately on board.

Research approach

This project addresses six topics:

• Exchange of newly developed knowledge with relevant national and international stakeholders.

• Optimise the settings of the camera detection system to make the best separation between marketable and undersized shrimps.

• Compare the accuracy of the innovative system and the traditional processing line (traditional sorting machine and sieve).

• Determine the survival rate of bycatch in the innovative processing line compared to the traditional processing line.

• Investigate the potential for automatic recognition of by-catch species by the system.


The expectations of the innovative processing line include a more accurate sorting of the catch, a higher by-catch survival, improved working conditions for fishermen and the possibility of better and cheaper data collection for fisheries research.