Research project Fuelling the Quest for Sustainable Food Systems with Data-Driven Innovations


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Main research question

The FoodDataQuest project seeks to improve the overall sustainability of agri-food system through data sharing and data compatibility across sectors to address social, health, nutritional and environmental issues that challenge the sector. By bridging gaps in data flow, stakeholders will gain data-driven insights to make better, more sustainable and informed decision-making. This should also enhance transparency in and efficiency throughout the supply chain, reduce waste, and promote ethical practices. In short, the ambition of FoodDataQuest is to boost the overall sustainability of the agri-food system.

Research approach

FoodDataQuest project follows innovative research approach fostering data sharing by uniting diverse data sources from private and public sectors, as well as unconventional contributors and non-competitive data. The project's framework encompasses well-defined guidelines and data collection strategies, effectively guiding the transformation of the food system while adhering to legal boundaries. FoodDataQuest is using cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to develop and test advanced solutions to enhance the overall sustainability of the agri-food system. The project adopts a multi-actor approach to ensure these solutions deliver broad societal benefits. It places as well as a strong emphasis on citizen engagement in industry data-driven innovations while safeguarding sensitive data belonging to multiple stakeholders.


Despite numerous efforts at various levels, the agri-food industry, both in Flanders and at the European level, continues to grapple with numerous challenges related to societal issues, public health, individual nutrition, environmental concerns, food waste, and the overall sustainability of our food systems. This project takes a proactive approach by fostering data sharing and knowledge transfer across sectors, with the aim of guiding a transformation that benefits society at large. It encompasses capacity-building initiatives, policy contributions aimed at achieving inclusive and sustainable food systems, as well as the promotion of better-informed decision-making processes.


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