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Boxwood moth

...n Flanders' (link to PURE), funded by the Flemish Fund for Agriculture and Fisheries of Department of Agriculture & Fisheries. ILVO and the Pro...


Precision fishing

...pment and application of innovative techniques and high-tech solutions for fisheries. These should allow for more and better data collection, more ...


Status of the fish stocks

...inly ILVO experts are the ones collecting and supplying data about Belgian fisheries. These sea-going observers are responsible for collecting leng...


Soil health

...t.ILVO works together with the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries to open up soil data via a soil passport. Healthy soil as part...


Authenticity of food products

...and high performance detection methods 1H NMR Profiling and LC-HRMS. Fisheries products (fish, shellfish) ILVO performs DNA based identifica...


Ruimte op zee

...the North Sea. Many activities and functions converge in this small area: FisheriesMariculture (growing food at sea)Renewable energy production (wi...


Ecosystem-oriented marine modeling and management

Ecosystem-based models that can test fisheries management policies to analyse the resilience of the ecosystem and fish stocks.

Linked Research projects: Ecosystem based management for sustainable fisheries and healthy marine ecosystems

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