General ILVO at Flanders Technology and Innovation (FTI) festivals in 2024


In March 2024, the Flemish government is putting technology and innovation center stage during the Flanders Technology & Innovation Festivals. ILVO is participating in the activities in Ghent, Hasselt and Antwerp.

FTI Ghent: biotech

FTI Ghent puts technology and wellness on the map in the newly completed Winter Circus expo hall, with The Summit on Biological & Health tech. Our experts are now warming up to participate in the panel discussions. ILVO is part of the Ghent technology ecosystem, which is why we are also showcasing certain state-of-the-art facilities during this multi-day expo.

The Expo

What can precision agriculture mean for our future? ILVO shows what agrobots with artificial intelligence (AI) can already do today. Producing food under more extreme climate conditions? Find out which crops farmers are using to arm themselves against climate change. A world-exclusive field lab for climate research? We're bringing a piece of that lab to the city - come discover how it works!

Dates: 16-21 March
Location: Wintercircus, Ghent
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The Summit: 21st March

During the two-day conference on biotech "The Summit," ILVO has several speakers on a panel on future farmers, artificial intelligence and algae. ILVO also co-supports a session on microbial protein by The ProteInn Club and performs in the VIB Grand Challenges Program event.

Date: 21 maart
Location: Wintercircus, Gent
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FTI Hasselt: circularity & food

FTI Hasselt focuses on sustainable urban transition with the themes of mobility, energy, circularity and food. Together with Flanders' FOOD, ILVO is a strategic partner in the theme of food, but also organizes its own activities around innovative food ingredients and data and drone technology. All food activities center around Kapermolenpark and the 11th line, the innovative, young district just outside the small traffic belt.

Future food expo

Algae, insects, upgraded food residues and microbial protein. ILVO, VITO and partners highlight notable innovations in the agrifood sector. Come discover what we'll eat tomorrow and how the process from idea to innovation works in reality. Are you a starter yourself? Student-entrepreneur with a good idea? Or are you looking for a stage to present your startup wanting to scale up? In the future food expo you are in the right place!

Dates: 16-21 March
Location: 11th line, Hasselt
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Zero waste menu

As a caterer or chef, how do you get started with food residues that are produced and offered locally? ILVO and UCLL inspire with their knowledge about fruit, vegetable and dairy residues.

Date: TBA
Location: PXL restaurant, 11th line, Hasselt
More info: (coming soon)

Workshop on drone technology for the food industry (Opsdrone event)

What can drone technology mean for the food industry? The partners of the Opsdrone project are hosting a hands on workshop with demo at the festival center.

Date: 19 maart
Location: 11th line, Hasselt
More info: (coming soon)

Data driven solutions for nutrition in health care (NuhCas event)

Prevention of malnutrition and food losses in health care and schools is a challenge for all actors involved. How can data and technology provide an additional solution? And what can we expect from the recently kicked-off Fine project, which builds on several small-scale pioneering projects in Flanders? As we have come to expect, the partners of NuhCas are organizing an inspiring event with networking for companies from the healthcare, food and technology sectors.

Date: 19 March
Location: Hotelschool, 11th line, Hasselt
More info: (coming soon)

FTI Antwerp: farming of the future

On Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, FTI Week will conclude with a grand final festival in Antwerp. FTI is serving up the 'best of the best' with an "Future farming" island in the Sportpaleis expo center. Agricultural organization Boerenbond will show how Flanders produces the most climate-friendly milk in the world, ILVO complements with what further efforts the dairy sector can keep this first place. We will also show Djust-E, the first prototype of a fully autonomous, electrically powered tractor for Flanders.

Date: 23-24 maart
Location: Sportpaleis, Antwerp
More info: (coming soon)

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