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Chicory harvesting techniques

Each year the “mechanization of chicory unit” of PVBC (Programma Voorlichting Biet Cichorei) selects an aspect of the chicory harvesting process that they want to optimize that year. We consult all stakeholders from the chicory cultivation and processing industry to do this.

Living Labs

Living Lab Agrifood Technology

Mechanization and digitalization are often the key. The objective is to improve a range of processes within horticulture, arable farming, livestock farming and food processing, making them more sustainable and more efficient.


Healthy crops

Healthy soil The soil quality in and around the farm is mainly determined by the farmer’s management practices: the use of manures, soil conditioners and crop protection products, mechanization, adapted crops, and crop rotations. ILVO aims to help the farmer to manage chemical, physical, and organic soil quality.

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