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Poultry and Pig Low-input and Organic production systems’ Welfare

These are developed, tested, validated and disseminated.Research approachThe project partners choose a multi-actor participation approach. First, the barriers and expectations for progress in the field of animal welfare are mapped out by all interested parties. New strategies are then developed.

Research projects

Blue-green strategies for climate change adaptation

The TURQUOISE team plays a key role in the necessary processes of co-creation, participation and collaboration between governments and sectors. Knowledge sharing, exchange of experiences around measures and mechanisms arise. Authorities, civil society and companies form a network.


ERA-NET SUSAN Research Project Seminar

We would very much appreciate your active participation in both events. Registered participants will receive the final programme and a link to access the meeting by Monday 16th November 2020. Find out more

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EUROqCHARM will co-develop these methods and recommendations using a multi-stakeholder approach, whereby the project is structured to bring together relevant stakeholders to enable cooperation and participation in the dialogue, decision making and implementation of solutions.

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Validation of commercial screening tests at ILVO: current list

Participation in (national) ring trials is also normally included in the validation. Our main focus has been on the validation of tests for the detection of antibiotics in milk; however validation studies in other matrices (meat, honey, fish, etc.), as well as of other compounds (aflatoxins, colorants, etc.) have been performed.

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Food-related analyses

Participation in ring trials allows participants to evaluate aspects such as precision, repeatability, and reproducibility, as well as the correctness of their results. In addition, participants get insight into the stability of their analytical results over time by identifying trends.

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