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Accelerating Innovative practices for Spraying Equipment, Training and Advising in European agriculture through the mobilization of Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems

This includes workshops at both local and European level. We unlock the relevant information online for all parties involved, via a comprehensive and easy-to-use database. It covers spraying techniques, training and advice and incorporates both commercial applications and results from research projects and literature.

Research projects

Soy free chicken and pig production

The impact on business profitability and the environment is assessed.Relevance/ValorizationBased on the project's results, the added value of European protein sources will be discussed in workshops with pig and poultry farmers.

Research projects

Restoring biodiverse grasslands: an examination of ecosystem services

University College Ghent (HoGent) takes soil samples to measure the carbon reserves, follows up the evolution of the vegetation, uses camera's to study insects and conducts surveys supported by images for the people using the area for recreation.Relevance/ValorizationOutput includes organization of workshops and preparation of fact sheets for nature

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Research infrastructure

for research, including for quarantine organisms> 20,000m² experimental animal housing available for co-creative research in dairy, poultry and rabbits, and pig productionExperimental spaces with seawater tanks and a netting roomAccess to research vesselsThe pilot food processing plant "Food Pilot" equipped with >50 pieces of semi-industrial equipmentWorkshop

Research projects


By combining this sustainable form of agriculture (perennial plant combinations, minimal input and soil tillage, closed nutrient cycles, etc.) with an innovative economic form (short chain, digital market place, direct cooperation), the Operational Group hopes to inspire other farmers.

Research projects

Detection and valorisation of pork with boartaint

known compounds of boar taint (androstenone, skatole en indole); (c) to evaluate the sensorial assessment by trained experts in the abattoir as an at-line method to detect boar taint; (d) to investigate whether other compounds may contribute to boar taint.Research approachConsumer sensitivity to androstenone is tested on >1500 consumers in six shopping

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