Research project Prompt action in order to implement methane reducing feeding strategies in dairy

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General introduction

The demonstrative project METHEEN demonstrates in a guided manner the application of the feed measures currently approved within the Covenant Enteric Emissions Cattle (CEER) on a number of practical farms. The aim is to encourage and demonstrate implementation in this way. Farmers learn from farmers and researchers. Through demo trials and testimonials from the field, we increase support and confidence in the approved measures. In the CESR, the agricultural sectors involved and the government commit themselves to achieve a serious reduction of methane emissions from ruminants (cattle) in Flanders by 2030.

Research approach

Ten dairy farms will be selected for a demonstration trial, using one of the nine approved feeding strategies from the CEER. Together with the dairy farmer, practically applicable rations will be developed. The farmers will be coached throughout the process by regular visits. The demonstration trials will be coupled with a ‘before’ and ‘after’ scan, and a scan coupled with the KLIMREK project. With the results, the ILVO Rantsoentool will be updated. The results will be broadly disseminated, to motivate other dairy farmers to implement these strategies on their farms.


At the beginning of this project (2023) there is still a lot of scepticism from dairy farmers towards implementing the feeding strategies from the CEER. Despite the scientifically proven effect of these strategies on methane emissions, and the recent subsidies that have been coupled to these feeding strategies within the CAP eco-schemes, many dairy farmers fear the practical feasibility and economical rentability of the strategies. With Metheen, we hope to convince more Flemish dairy farmers to implement the CEER feeding strategies on their farm.


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