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Boxwood moth

...(Cydalima perspectalis) in Flanders' (link to PURE), funded by the Flemish Fund for Agriculture and Fisheries of Department of Agriculture & Fisheries. ILVO and the Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt ...


Precision fishing

...ishing we mean the development and application of innovative techniques and high-tech solutions for fisheries. These should allow for more and better data collection, more selective fishing with le...


Status of the fish stocks evaluated annually. Mainly ILVO experts are the ones collecting and supplying data about Belgian fisheries. These sea-going observers are responsible for collecting length, weight and age data o...


Soil health

...en sustainable soil management.ILVO works together with the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries to open up soil data via a soil passport. Healthy soil as part of the system Th...


Authenticity of food products

... newer, more sensitive and high performance detection methods 1H NMR Profiling and LC-HRMS. Fisheries products (fish, shellfish) ILVO performs DNA based identification methods on proce...


Ruimte op zee

...of the total area of the North Sea. Many activities and functions converge in this small area: FisheriesMariculture (growing food at sea)Renewable energy production (wind farms)DredgingExtracti...


Ecosystem-oriented marine modeling and management

Ecosystem-based models that can test fisheries management policies to analyse the resilience of the ecosystem and fish stocks.

Linked Research projects: Ecosystem based management for sustainable fisheries and healthy marine ecosystems

Research projects

Monitoring recreational sea fisheries in Belgium

...lve from year to year? What is the biological, economic and technical situation of the recreational fisheries? The objective is to use data collection techniques, specifically aimed at recreational...

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Co-creation in fisheries

...r>At the request of companies, organisations or NGOs, sustainability assessments can be drawn up of fisheries and landed fish species. These can be used for buyers/clients to highlight the sustaina...

News | 02/08/2021

Microplastics in seafood from Belgian fisheries areas

Read the "ILVO mededeling" nr 276: Microplastics in seafood from Belgian fisheries areas

The main aim was to assess the exposure of the consumer of Belgian fisheries products to microplastics.

News | 13/04/2023

After Brexit, a different future for Flanders fisheries

© Vince Bevan | GIFS Interreg project ILVO and VLIZ, together with local actors in Flanders fisheries, are entering into a close collaboration in the framework of the 'Brexit Adjustment Reserve' ...

News | 18/09/2023

Fisheries data and the state of our fish stocks

...ining. This is confirmed by the 2022 report of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) on the health status of fish in Europe. Thus, the positive trends observed in t...

Research projects

Organic beef farming in a practical booklet

At the request of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, ILVO and Ugent will develop a practical booklet that will serve as a manual for organic beef cattle farmers (or farmers in conversion).

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