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Plant health

...e stress in corn and promote growth. Another important step forward toward farming with fewer crop protection products and fertilizer. International Year of Plant Health The United...



...udy (2013-2017). The focus was mainly on cultivation techniques, variety selection, and crop protection. Profitability was also examined. Variety trials with several early-maturing soy varietie...



...tion rotation because the cultivation does not exhaust the soil and requires little or no crop protection. Local cultivation is technically possible In 2013, ‘the international year of quin...



...ting more recognition. After 2020, Europe will move towards a food system with less crop protection, less artificial fertilizer, better soil management, and more biodiversity. At the heart of the F...


Soil health

...which crops and green cover crops are grown and makes choices related to fertilization, tillage and crop protection. However, farmers work in a particular socio-economic context and are influenced ...

Research projects

Agrobody-mediated crop protection

The biennial project focuses on the research and the development of crop protection products with AgrobodiesTM to control potato blight (Phytophtora infestans) and gray mould in tomatoes (Botrytis cin...

News | 14/02/2022

Virus-based crop protection

... bioassays. At the same time, the economic feasibility and social acceptance of virus-based crop protection were investigated. The knowledge from the technical part was integrated in a mark...


74th International Symposium on Crop Protection

The Symposium will address several aspects of crop protection and will include a plenary session with two invited papers: Prof. dr. Bruce McDonald (ETH Zürich, Switzerland): "The evolution of pl...

Research projects

Optimal spray application of plant protection products

... of PPPs is a major global societal challenge. This project aims to support Flemish farmers and the crop protection application industry to fully exploit the potential of existing and innovative te...

Research projects

SUPPORT for adopting IPM strategies

...ce of IPM (integrated pest management) by gardeners and farmers is the goal of the SUPPORT project. Crop protection is a broad term that includes both chemical pesticides and IPM measures. The firs...

Research projects

Beans for the love of Leuven

...vation. It provides knowledge for farmers who are looking for ways to increase biodiversity, reduce crop protection and fertilizers and strengthen a piece of entrepreneurship toward marketing these...

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