Research project Agrobody-mediated crop protection

Application of agrocapsules

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General introduction

Sustainable crop protection can only be achieved when the various steps in the deposition-retention-uptake-translocation process are optimally performed. To improve this process, ILVO, in collaboration with AgroSavfe and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, participates in the research on, and the development of, crop protection products based on AgrobodyTM-technology against fungal diseases on potatoes and tomatoes.

Research approach

The biennial project focuses on the research and the development of crop protection products with AgrobodiesTM to control potato blight (Phytophtora infestans) and gray mould in tomatoes (Botrytis cinerea). AgroSavfe employs its proprietary AgrobodyTM technology platform to develop crop protection products based on active ingredients with proven efficacy in combination with AgrobodiesTM as formulation agents. ILVO focuses on developing a setup to spray the crop protection products and to study their rainfastness, as well as evaluating and optimising the retention and rainfastness of the AgrobodiesTM. KU Leuven concentrates on studying the anti-fungal effects of the different AgrobodyTM-prototypes.


AgrobodiesTM can be generated against virtually any target, to which they bind with high affinity and specificity. In this way, AgrobodyTM-based crop protection products enable targeted delivery and retention of the active ingredient at or near its site of action. As a consequence, their performance can be improved, their dosage and application frequencies decreased and their impact on humans and environment reduced.