Research project Sustainable storage of grains by implementing a novel protectant and and versatile application technology

In progress NOVIGRAIN
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General introduction

This European project aims to store grains in a sustainable way with minimal post-harvest losses by preventing insect infestations. NovIGRain aims to (1) develop a new type of plant protection product (PPP) and application technology with special attention for possible resistance, (2) develop a decision-supporting tool for grain storage management, and (3) raise awareness about resistance to plant protection products and grain storage techniques.

Research approach

NovIGRain will develop a new type of plant protection product that targets the larval development stage of insects and a versatile application technology that allows for applying ultra-low volumes (ULV) and application of different products in order to prevent resistance from developing. The combination of larvicide and application technique should be able to target a broad species spectrum and allow precise targeting of insect development stages. This project tests the efficacy, safety, social, economic and ecological sustainability, risk of resistance development, and legal compliance of the larvicide and application technology. ILVO will assess the ecological sustainability of the newly developed plant protection method (product and application) by applying a Life Cycle Analysis in comparison with the current standard method.


Farmers and grain traders will have a new, approved, safe, and above all effective active substance of insecticide at their disposal to control insect damage during grain storage. This will ultimately result in less food losses and increased economic benefits.