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Animal welfare

Animal welfare is getting more and more attention from livestock producers, consumers and policymakers alike. But how can we continue to improve the welfare of our livestock? How can we objectively me...

Addressing animal welfare issues


Precision livestock farming

... on the climate and environment is also increasing. Furthermore, the methods used to house animals, animal welfare issues, and the high use of antibiotics are coming under fire. Precision livestock...



...favorable conditions for animals, plants, soil, farmers, and society (food quality, animal welfare). Both challenge the dominant food and farming systems. Both try to engage farmers and citizens.


Protein diversification in food and nutrition

...s can be done because of a particular dietary pattern such as vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, for animal welfare, sustainability or health reasons or simply because it tastes good.For convent...

Research projects

Animal Welfare Indicators at the SlaughterHouse

General introductionThe aim of the 4-year aWISH project (Animal Welfare Indicators at the SlaughterHouse) is the large-scale, automated at-slaughter monitoring of animal-based welfare indicators f...


Alternatives to castration of piglets

Castration of piglets has been on the European animal welfare agenda for more than 20 years. As of Jan. 1, 2024, in Belgium this can only be done with local anesthesia and pain control. There are also...

Research projects

Sustainability in pork production with immunocastration

...en completed. Tests were conducted to gain insight into carcass and meat quality, animal health and animal welfare of immunocastrates at certain feed formulations, compared to barrows and intact bo...

Research projects

Heat plan for Flemish pig farming

...gies in terms of effectiveness, economic and practical feasibility and to evaluate their effects on animal welfare, (re)production and animal health on the ILVO pilot farm and on commercial farms.

News | 05/06/2024

Broiler platform shows promising results

... platforms for broilers to sit on or shelter under when in the house have a positive effect on some animal welfare indicators without an adverse effect on growth, feed intake, feed conversion or ce...

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