Research project CLIMAte change adaptation through SOil and crop MAnagement: synthesis and ways forward

CLIMASOMA project logo, with the word CLIMASOMA surrounded by soil and an earthworm, with grass on top

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Garré Sarah

Sarah Garré

ILVO researcher and water expert


Main research question

In CLIMASOMA we investigate what the existing scientific literature can teach us about the role of soil management on hydrological and biological soil functions and the resilience of crop production to climate change within specific pedo-climatic contexts. We identify frameworks and soil and crop models that consider soil structure as a dynamic key variable. The project identifies knowledge gaps around the relationship between soil management and the hydrological and biological functioning of soil. Optimizing this relationship will lead to better climate adaptation.

Research approach

We collect relevant literature, databases and model approaches that shed light on the biophysical, agronomic and socio-economic and policy factors surrounding the role of soil for climate adaptation. We structure the data from existing literature into an open knowledge library. We analyze this knowledge library qualitatively. We use a subset of existing databases in a machine learning approach to uncover relationships and their interaction, causes and knowledge gaps.


CLIMASOMA will directly contribute to a long-term alignment of research strategies connecting agricultural management, soil quality and climate adaptation potential through its summary of the published literature and identification of knowledge gaps and research opportunities. The shared vision on this topic will result in clear additions to EJP Soil’s roadmap for soil research.