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Soil: carbon sequestration

... organic material such as animal manure, compost, wood chips, etc. Through soil life, this fresh organic material is converted partly into nutrient...



...sened by the force of rain. Finally, non-inversion tillage also stimulates soil life, allowing more infiltration of rainwater. However, non-i...


Soil improvement with organic fertilizers

...residual flows can contribute positively to soil structure, water balance, soil life and nutrient management. As a result, they can increase the re...


Soil health

...l account for some 25% of the planet's total biodiversity. Together, this 'soil life' is responsible for countless functions: Keeping plant disease...



...through good management of the organic matter content and by stimulating soil life closing nutrient cycles more biodiversity, including those whi...


Plant health

...rtant. It is clear that the soil microbiome - all of the microscopic soil life found around the roots of a plant (the "rhizosphere") - influences t...

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