Research project CIWI, Integration of a digital tool to optimize irrigation in the INERO and Care4Growing app

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Framing introduction

In drought periods irrigation is economically justified for some high value crops like vegetables and (early) potato. Because these occurrences of drought typically coincide with restrictions on the availability of water sources, irrigation needs to be applied thoughtfully. As such, the right parcels are irrigated at the right time with the right amount of water that has a sufficient quality.

In CIWI we build upon the modelling approach of the Irrigation2.0 project.

Research approach

The approach links crop modeling to the clear and widely applicable application WatchitGrow. In the CIWI project we continue to work on the crops (early) potato, cauliflower and spinach, but expand the functionality to irrigation quantity, in addition to the irrigation prioritization.


Through the application WatchitGrow, farmers will now have an extended functionality to irrigate their crops more focused in periods of drought. Furthermore, this WatchitGrow functionality will be connected with applications that are currently used by members of the INERO and LAVA cooperations.


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