ILVO blogs ILVO BLOGS from the Experimental Platform for Agroecology in Hansbeke: Mulch layer on the soil through a complex green cover crop

From ground cover to mulch layer for resilient soil.

The green cover crop sown in July 2020 is a Biomax mixture consisting of flax, phacelia, alexandrine clover, field bean, field pea, sunflower and fodder vetch.

Those species are far from being chosen by chance. My aim is to absorb nutrients at different depths in the soil profile and to apply maximum carbon in the soil.

Alain Peeters (RHEA)

The emergence of the mixture was good but due to the dry weather conditions in the summer, the development was not maximum. The sunflowers dominated. At the end of October 2020, we flattened it with ILVO's Roller-crimper. The roller with slats in a herringbone pattern creates a mulch layer through which sowing can take place. The mulch layer ensures that weeds have less of a chance.

The Experimental Platform for Agroecology in Hansbeke is a collaboration between ILVO, PHAE and RHEA. The 50 ha of organic land offer a unique experimentation space for agroecological principles. We regularly blog about these experiments via the ILVO website and social media.

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