Co-creation in cattle production


Nutritional value and storage of feed

Determination and estimation of the nutritional value of cattle feed. Research on the effect of ensilage techniques and additives on the fermentation characteristics of silage.

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Johan De Boever

Cattle-related emissions

Livestock: determination of gas emissions in cattle (dairy and beef)
Agricultural Engineering: advice for the Flemish government regarding gaseous emissions in naturally-ventilated animal housing (including measurement techniques for the ventilation rate and gases).
Dairy cattle: Leen Vandaele

Beef cattle: Karen Goossens Agricultural engineering: Peter Demeyer

Zootechnical trials in dairy cattle

Livestock: feed and digestibility trials with Holstein cows.
Agricultural Engineering: measuring nipples and (early) lameness detection in cows using gait analysis.
Dairy cattle: Leen Vandaele

Agricultural engineering: Stephanie Van Weyenberg

Behavior and animal welfare

Livestock: behavior and welfare of cattle.
Agricultural Engineering: (early) lameness detection in cows using gait analysis.

Livestock: Frank Tuyttens

Agricultural engineering: Stephanie Van Weyenberg

Bio-analysisScientific research and advice regarding gluco-corticoids such as cortisol and its metabolites as classic, non-specific stress hormones.Johan Aerts

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Transparency regarding animal trials

In order to increase the transparency of the animal experiments carried out, ILVO, together with the "European Animal Research Association" (EARA) and 23 other Belgian public and private research institutions, drew up and signed the "Statement in support of animal research in Belgium and a transparent approach" in April 2016.

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