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Pig farmers, their customers, and their suppliers find here the answer to “what can ILVO do for me?”. A brief overview of relevant expertise, analyses, infrastructure, and the professional approach that characterizes ILVO is listed here. You can contact the Pig Information Center for specific services and questions regarding possible collaboration.

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News from this sector

ILVO in the media 04/05/2021

Pork is tougher and less tasty than before

adult pig lying in straw
Many factors influence meat quality. One is the amount of intramuscular fat (marbling in the meat) which has a major influence on taste.
Project news 18/01/2021

Renewable energy tech for livestock production

Solar panels on red roof
Tractors running on biogas? Electricity and heat from solar panels? Heat from a heat pump? The recently-started Horizon 2020 project RES4LIVE aims at replacing fossil fuels on livestock farms with cos...