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...ble with soil properties;Right timing: fertilize at the time when the plant needs the nitrogen (and phosphorus), and at a time when weather conditions are favorable;Right fertilization technique: l...


Soil: carbon sequestration

...n of compost and farmyard manure should be done judiciously to limit additional nitrogen and phosphorus leaching. Compost. This one is a mix of farmyard manure, green waste from nature mana...


Alternatives to castration of piglets

...ars compared to barrows. Ecologically, intact boars are also the best choice, as their nitrogen and phosphorus emissions and carbon footprint are lower than those of barrows. Moreover, it is no lon...


Soil improvement with organic fertilizers

... be used for soil improvement. Cuttings from nature reserves and roadsides generally contain little phosphorus in relation to organic carbon and are therefore interesting for increasing the carbon ...

Research projects

Sustainability in pork production with immunocastration alternative compared to keeping surgically castrated male piglets, both in terms of nitrogen and phosphorus emissions and in terms of CO2 emissions. This better ecological performance was observ...


...ops. John Sawyer, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University. Juli 2004 Crop Nutrition - Phosphorus: Essential role of phosphorus in plants.Mosaic YARA, Gewasvoeding Overzicht gebreksverschijnse...


NUTRIMAN Final Online Conference

NUTRIMAN is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus nutrient recovery management and nutrient recovery thematic network, which is compiling knowledge ready-for-practice. The recovered N/P innovative fertilisers hos...

News | 09/04/2024

ILVO builds high-tech Feed Pilot

...ow can feed be modified through technical pretreatments to increase nutrient utilization (nitrogen, phosphorus) and stability of specific components in the feed or improve animal welfare? How can t...

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