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Juli 2004 Crop Nutrition - Phosphorus: Essential role of phosphorus in plants.Mosaic YARA, Gewasvoeding Overzicht gebreksverschijnselen Gebreksverschijnselen: fosfor Fosforgebrek bij maïs (bron: KWS) Fosforgebrek bij maïs (bron: Pioneer) Fosforgebrek bij maïs (bron: University of Nebraska) Fosforgebrek bij maïs (bron: YARA, Phosphorus Deficiency Corn

Research projects

Nutriënt Management and Nutriënt Recovery Thematic Network

Main research questionNUTRIMAN is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus Thematic network on nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) that compiles knowledge of “ready-for-practice” bio-based fertiliser products based on recovered N and P. Applied science and industrial practices are linked for the interest and benefit of the farmer.


Soil improvement with organic fertilizers

Cuttings from nature reserves and roadsides generally contain little phosphorus in relation to organic carbon and are therefore interesting for increasing the carbon content of a soil with a limited risk of phosphorus loss. They also bring valuable nutrients and stimulate soil biology.


Healthy crops

The goal: to reduce weed and disease pressure in the crops and to achieve good, high-quality yields based on customized provision of oxygen and water, a good utilization of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and good soil management and root penetration.



to limit nitrate losses: Right dose: a dose that does not cause unnecessary nitrogen losses, but is sufficient for optimal crop yield;Right fertilizer type: choice of fertilizer type or fertilizer that best meets the needs of the crop and is compatible with soil properties;Right timing: fertilize at the time when the plant needs the nitrogen (and phosphorus


Soil: carbon sequestration

It should be noted that compost and farmyard manure are rich in nutrients and that the application of compost and farmyard manure should be done judiciously to limit additional nitrogen and phosphorus leaching. Compost.

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