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...als. Temperature regulation in poultry and pigs is limited, so these animals suffer more often from heat stress. ILVO is working on a heat plan for the Flemish pig farming sector together with vari...

Research projects

Heat plan for Flemish pig farming temperatures and the increasing number of days with elevated temperatures in Belgium can lead to heat stress in several animal species but pigs are particularly sensitive to this. In recent year...

News | 07/06/2021

Heat plan for poultry

...poultry sector with a farm-specific heat action plan. Several measures are recommended for reducing heat stress, ranging from adapting feed and water management to applying climatization and housin...

News | 26/09/2023

Dairy farm losses from heat waves quantified

...hich heat point dairy farmers can manage or reduce the risk of negative effects with current anti-heat stress techniques.' Flemish dairy farming as a case study High temperatures and h...

News | 25/04/2024

Discover these live demos during the ILVO Agritech Day

...e temperature by as much as 2.5°C during periods of extreme heat. This lowers respiratory rate and heat stress in the pigs, significantly improving their comfort and welfare. (Animal species: cattl...

News | 05/06/2024

Broiler platform shows promising results

...ring four broiler rounds in the ILVO poultry facilities, whether or not in combination with induced heat stress.Project partner Roxell developed the prototypes, which include a dark and scr...

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