Contact day Congress - Where Engineering Meets Veterinary Medicine

The Vlaamse Buiatrie Vereniging and IE-NET Ingenieursvereniging are convinced that veterinarians and engineers working in cattle farming, have common interests and concerns. We believe that both groups will benefit from an exchange of knowledge which can lead to new insights and improvements for the cattle sector in the coming years. That is why we are organizing a first joint initiative for cattle veterinarians as well as engineers and scientists in both sectors.


Day 1 - Lectures

  • Feeding and managing the dairy cow through transition - Alex Bach
  • Prevention of heat stress in dairy cows - Thomas Amon
  • The financial impact of lameness in dairy cattle - John Remnant
  • Recent insights into rearing youngstock - Jud Heinrichs

Day 2 -Workshops

  • Alex Bach – Placing the veterinary at the center of the profit engine of a dairy herd
  • Thomas Amon – Heat stress
  • John Remnant – Claw problems
  • Jud Heinrichs – Young stock rearing

More information on the congres website: