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Protein diversification in food and nutrition

...completely undercut the potentially positive impact? Does alternative protein production also emit greenhouse gases? With protein diversification, the goal is to produce more and different proteins...


Marine production and marine environment offer potential for reducing the amount of nutrients in the sea and the concentration of greenhouse gases through CO2 sequestration (the storage of carbon in the seabed). For everything ‘ha...


Webinar: for companies that develop ammonia sensors

...neering research team has more than 10 years of experience in measuring emissions (ammonia, dust, greenhouse gases, odor) from stables. Commissioned by the Flemish government, the team sets up meas...

News | 07/10/2019

Feed strategies in the battle against climate change

...lmost the same effect. The production of the additive is associated with the emission of additional greenhouse gases, but these amount to less than 1% of a cow's emissions. The net effect thus rema...

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