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Authenticity of food products

Determination species/variety (plants, meat, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, fungi, bacteria) based on DNA, proteins and other macro molecules


Food: Food safety

...ife studies where specific spoilage organisms (e.g. Pseudomonas, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and fungi, etc.) and microbiological indicator germs for hygiene are monitored during storage. These st...


Honey analyses

...obic bacteria (Clostridium botulinum and Clostridium perfringens), osmophilic yeasts and xerophilic fungi. This research should allow a better understanding of the bacteriological quality and food ...

Projectresultaten melkveehouderij

...jn onderverdeeld in zaai- en pootgoed, gewasbescherming (herbiciden, fungiciden, insecticiden, etc.), en meststoffen (aangekochte kunstmest, kalk en meststoffen van organische oorsprong). Kosten ge...

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...VO performs extensive research on how to help plants manage diseases and pests. ILVO has experts on fungi, viruses, bacteria, insects, mites and nematodes. They know the life cycles of plant attack...

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Research infrastructure

...r> Food analysesAnimal-related analysesMarine analysesDiagnosis of plant-pathogenic bacteria, fungi, mites, insects, viruses and nematodesAnalyses for plant, soil and substrateLaboratory for Se...

News | 16/01/2024

ILVO fodder beet and maize variety list 2024

...tant to choose a variety with good standability. A good tolerance to stem rot, caused by Fusarium fungi, and a good tolerance to alloy are indispensable characteristics for a good grain corn variet...

News | 21/12/2023

Plant pest: Phytophthora root diseases

...s emigration of Irish people to the U.S. Although P. infestans can now be fairly well controlled by fungicides and by using less susceptible potato varieties, it is still one of the main pathogens ...

News | 25/04/2022

How pests steal genes to neutralize plant toxins catching up on that front. Aphids and the bean spider mite were found to have stolen a gene from fungi that enabled them to make their own carotene, a building block of vitamin A. Herring borrow...

News | 14/02/2022

Virus-based crop protection

... roses. In addition, important insights were gained on the interaction between viruses, the harmful fungi, bacteria and pests and their microbiomes. Like the intestinal flora of humans, the microbi...

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