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Optimal cultivation of protein crops for poultry feeding

The question is whether the aerobic degradation by white-rot fungi could create an additional protein source. Research approachWith field experiments we study how to optimize the cultivation technique of mixed crops in order to obtain maximum protein production.

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De kosten voor inputs van teelten zijn onderverdeeld in zaai- en pootgoed, gewasbescherming (herbiciden, fungiciden, insecticiden, etc.), en meststoffen (aangekochte kunstmest, kalk en meststoffen van organische oorsprong).

Research projects

Identification of the problem and management of the fruitrot fungus Mucor in strawberry

main strawberry varieties, (ii) identify the susceptible crop stages to infection by Mucor, (iii) select chemical and alternative methods/means of control or eradication of Mucor, (iv) establish and demonstrate an IPM control strategy against Mucor (This approach will need to be integrated into the current broader control strategy towards fruit rot fungi

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food processing plant "Food Pilot" equipped with >50 pieces of semi-industrial equipmentWorkshop for building prototypes for automation and robotizationComposting site and compost reactor ILVO also has more than 40 accredited labs for specialized analyses Food analysesAnimal-related analysesMarine analysesDiagnosis of plant-pathogenic bacteria, fungi

Research projects

Quick test for detection of bacterial contamination in food

Because this is a platform technology, it can easily be extended to the detection of other unwanted bacteria and contaminants (fungi, toxins, allergens, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.). A follow-up has already started in the SIPORE project. FinancingInterreg Vlaanderen Nederland

Research projects

Additional knowledge about soil bacteria and fungi will support local soy growing.

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