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Protein diversification in food and nutrition

...from a fermentation tank require? What is the impact of certain crops on soil or environment? What fertilization do plants require? Are insects sufficient for some residual streams or do specific t...



... most suitable varieties for our climate, the right fertilization, plant density, and mechanical weed control.


Soil health

...n turn, intensively rooting and deep-rooting crops contribute to good soil structure. Smart fertilization and pH management Keeping pH optimal by liming on time is a simple but necessar...


Nutrition for target groups

Around the theme of malnutrition, ILVO makes the necessary alliances to promote cross-fertilization between health and nutrition research.



...lant needs the nitrogen (and phosphorus), and at a time when weather conditions are favorable;Right fertilization technique: low emission techniques are better to reduce general nitrogen losses, or...


POTENTIAL closing event

Insights and guidelines for variable rate irrigation and nitrogen fertilization in potatoBrussels, Belgium


Precision agriculture and data technology that may arise. In addition, we are working on site-specific applications such as precision fertilization, precision irrigation and targeted treatment and monitoring of diseases, pests and ...


Protein diversification

...spreading, and interruption of the growth cycles of pests and diseases. Legumes also require little fertilization because they live in symbiosis with soil bacteria that take nitrogen from the air. ...


... this technology on maize and potato crops. Read more >>> Wikileeks: Optimizing leek fertilization strategies Currently, leek fields are fertilized evenly. However, there is usually consid...

News | 15/09/2020

Legumes are getting off the ground in Flanders

...for Flanders for several reasons. They fix nitrogen from the air and thus provide part of their own fertilization as well as some for the next crop. This makes them a good fit for a broader crop ro...

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