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Read more >>> Wikileeks: Optimizing leek fertilization strategies Currently, leek fields are fertilized evenly. However, there is usually considerable soil and crop variation in the field.


POTENTIAL closing event

The objective of the POTENTIAL project is to explore the use of various remote sensing data aiming to increase water and nitrogen utilization in potato The results demonstrate high potential for data combinations and complementarity in determining potato growth, fertilization and irrigation needs The main findings are summarized in a manual describing

Insights and guidelines for variable rate irrigation and nitrogen fertilization in potatoBrussels, Belgium

Research projects

Climate adaptive practices to reduce nutrient losses: a survey

Part 2 includes the fractionated fertilization of potatoes and maize. In part 3, several innovative practices and techniques are examined in terms of their advantage in a future agricultural exploitation in Flanders. For better nutrient control, new pathways are conceivable that can keep pace with more extreme and changing climate conditions.



ILVO and partners continue to try to increase yields by testing the most suitable varieties for our climate, the right fertilization, plant density, and mechanical weed control.

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