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Read more >>> Wikileeks: Optimizing leek fertilization strategies Currently, leek fields are fertilized evenly. However, there is usually considerable soil and crop variation in the field.

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Climate adaptive practices to reduce nutrient losses: a survey

Part 2 considers the fractionated fertilization of potatoes and maize. In part 3, several innovative practices and techniques are examined in terms of their advantage in a future agricultural exploitation in Flanders. For better nutrient control, new pathways are conceivable that can keep pace with more extreme and changing climate conditions.

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Optimization of grassland exploitation using a decision support tool

The model is integrated in an online platform where farmers get information about the need for fertilization need in function of the crop demand, (potential) grass growth, yield estimation and an indication of the grass quality, taking into account the soil type and the regional weather conditions.Research approachWhen making this model, we use historical

Research projects

Potential of protein transition by locally produced faba beans

In Flanders, field trials were carried out on demonstration fields to identify cultivation technical aspects of field beans, such as variety choice, mix cultivation, fertilization and sowing techniques. Toasting of field beans was investigated as a technique to favorably influence feed evaluation and feed technical aspects.

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