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Soil health

...little as possible. Crop rotation and -diversity A greater diversity of crops and green cover crops will also benefit the diversity of soil life. Early maturing crops and varieties can ...



...n to watercourses.There are also a number of other measures a farmer can take, such as sowing green cover crops after the main crop. These green cover crops, such as yellow mustard, phacelia and le...


Soil: carbon sequestration

...r a longer term investment in organic matter (soil quality). Red clover - grassGreen cover crops Green cover crops also add an amount of organic matter to the soil, and seeding them, wh...

News | 15/09/2020

Legumes are getting off the ground in Flanders

...mary producer. They are looking for crops that yield something. The fact that they are also green cover crops with which they can expand their cultivation rotation is a good thing". Research as...

News | 01/07/2019

LCA (life cycle analysis) in agricultural context

...irm that the choice of agricultural practices (e.g. a certain crop rotation, type of manure, use of cover crops) can have a major impact on the carbon stocks of the soil. Also the complex data ...

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