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Short chain

The short chain is getting the wind in its sails, and global crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, are unexpected catalysts. Citizens are becoming increasingly involved in the food system and the rol...

Processing for the short chain



Together with the chain, ILVO shares its latest findings via cultivation demonstrations, open field days, and ‘Quilopedia’

Building a local chain


Business models

...deliver this value? What are the costs and benefits associated with this? All the links in the chain There are many links in the chain between Farm and Fork. In the long term, food syste...


Food: balanced and healthy

...s fibers, anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids, etc. The other links in the chain also play a crucial role, via harvest and storage and further processing to stabilize those primary raw materials. When...


Farmer stress and mental well-being

... example, to businesses setting up expansion activities, such as short-chain companies and CSA businesses. We see four forms of impact: 1) physical impact, 2) mental impact, 3) impact on work-life ...


Gut health

... of certain fibers on the gut microbiome and on the production of certain metabolites such as short-chain fatty acids? The research is still ongoing, but has already made clear that certain...


Ecosystem-oriented marine modeling and management

...gional partners, including the Flemish government, the federal public service of health, food chain safety and environment, the Ministry of the North Sea and the federal public service of the econo...


Food: Food safety

...on is paid to the detection and remediation of foodborne pathogens throughout the food production chain, This is the so-called farm-to-fork approach. Special attention is paid to zoonotic pathogens...

Research projects

Connecting Humans in the Agrifood INdustry

General introductionThe CHAIN research project, with support from European Social Fund (ESF), examined the stumbling blocks for digitalization and data sharing for employees. Agri-food companies, ...

Research projects

Building a local chickpea processing chain

...rial inoculum, cultivation mechanization) and partly due to the lack of a local chickpea processing chain. A follow-up project to KIK-Love, the KIKET project works to build this local chain.Res...

Research projects

Setting up a local, sustainable soybean value chain.

...p a mutually fair and transparent business model to enable a local, integral and long-lasting value chain for organic soy in Flanders. Research approachUnder LoCoSoy, we unite growers, proc...

News | 26/04/2022

PEUL-CHAIN aims to gain ground for legumes (pulses)

...tion and processing of legumes could also use a boost. That is why we focus on several links of the chain with PEUL-CHAIN: production, processing and consumption. In this way we want to stimulate s...

Research projects

Internet of Food and Farm 2020

...nce were applied and validated on a large scale and in real-life circumstances in the agro-food chain. Internet of Things (IoT) can for example be used to optimize the sustainability and quality of...

Research projects

ERA-Net Cofund Food Systems and Climate

...climate change on agricultural and food markets and developing sustainable and resilient food value chains in the context of changing food needs and patterns (diets).FinancingEU Horizon2020...

Research projects

Optimal cultivation of protein crops for poultry feeding

...mixed with legumes, as an alternative source of protein for poultry? This question is answered in a chain perspective, within the OPTIPLUIM project. The aim is to look at cultivation, processing an...

Research projects

Valorisation of algae for a better taste

...likes. ValgOrize tackles all these aspects in order to promote the development of the seaweed/algae chain in Europe. The goal is to give food producers information about the conditions in which the...

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