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News | 30/10/2020

Seminar on "business models in agriculture" provides inspiration for several sub-sectors

Seminar on "business models in agriculture" provides inspiration for several sub-sectors

With the online seminar 'Verdienmodellen in de Vlaamse Landbouw' (‘Business Models in Flemish Agriculture’) and the currently under construction VerdienWijzer, ILVO contributes to the realization of the ambition to develop knowledge about earning models.


Business models

Business models for profitable and resilient food systems What is a business model? A business model describes how a business makes money. It is a structured representation of the various facets that ultimately ensure that a business makes a profit. A business model mainly contains answers to four questions: Who is my customer?

Business models

Zelfvermarkten via PIGfijn en Klein Gistelgoed

Enerzijds sinds 2007 via het label PIGfijn, een B2B (business to business)-model waarbij varkens via de groothandel aan lokale slagers en traiteurs worden geleverd. En anderzijds via varkenshoeve Klein Gistelgoed, een B2C (business to consumer)-model, waarbij sinds 2014 diepgevroren vleescolli’s worden verkocht.

Research projects


Main research questionThe main objective of the FoodForward operational group is to investigate and promote the economic feasibility of food forests as an alternative business model.

Grazing Cow Monitor EN

The technology manufacturers obtained a profitable business model, the farmers gained user-friendly technology that simplifies locating cattle and can save cow lives. Want to know more? Go to the website of IOF2020.

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